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Tips on Taking Memorable Graduation Photos

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Tips on Taking Memorable Graduation Photos

Memorable graduation photos start and end with you. The secret to a memorable photo begins with the joy you feel inside. It is then accentuated by what you wear, including your smile!

Taking some time to prepare will help make your graduation photos exceptional. As you do, think of what you want your photos to say about you, and your time at school. 

Have a mixture of FUN and SERIOUS photos in your graduation portfolio.  Take some your parents will be proud to display on their fireplace mantel, and some your friends will love to share on Facebook.

Tips on taking Memorable Graduation Photos

Breathe, Relax and… then Smile

For a more formal pose, think about something calm, peaceful, and happy. Breathe in and out a couple times. Then smile for the camera. This will make you look more natural rather than the quick overjoyed smile that comes across your face when you see a long lost friend or hear a funny joke. When you smile like that, your shoulders tense up, and your face can show excessive wrinkles making for an awkward photo.

Let loose for your casual group photos! Smile with your whole face. Capture the joy and carefree feeling that the end of school is here!

Stand up Straight

Shoulders back, stand up straight, turn your head slightly to the side and drop your chin, so you are not square to the camera. Watch for shadows on the face from the graduation cap. Taking a photo in the shade of a building or tree can help keep out of direct sunshine and shadows to a minimum.

Now it is time for a little fun! Jump with joy, pick a fun background, and be creative with your poses. Just remember that you are in formal clothing and wearing a graduation gown. Make sure you are careful that your clothes are positioned properly on your body as to not expose anything that may be embarrassing, or that your location doesn’t soil your clothes for the dance later on.

Wear make-up, but don’t over do it

Choose lipstick that goes well with the tone of your skin. Red, wine, berry, plum or rosy pink are usually the best for bringing out the white in your teeth. Be careful that it is not too dark, or so red that it is overwhelming.

Check your Teeth & Gums

To prepare for the day, make sure you keep up with daily cleaning and flossing of your teeth. If your teeth are not as pearly white as they used to be, consider an over-the-counter whitening agent. Or for more of a professional finish, book an appointment to provide you with a custom made alternative.

Don’t forget that your gums frame and support your teeth, which help to make your smile nice for photos! Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, floss regularly and make sure to come in for regular cleanings.

And don’t forget to brush your teeth before you head out of the house for the ceremony! Just before your photo shoot, it doesn’t hurt to have a friend double check that your teeth don’t have any lipstick on them.

No matter what kind of photo you are taking the day of your graduation, your healthy teeth will be an important part in creating a memorable smile. Enjoy the day capturing graduation photos that will go down in history.

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