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Donna, you will be missed!

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Donna, you will be missed!

After almost 22 years of dedication and commitment here at Lorne Park Dental, Donna is ready to relax and enjoy the next amazing chapter in her life, retirement.

Retirement is an opportunity for new beginnings. It brings with it the prospect of a fresh start and anticipation that is hard to ignore and even harder not to be excited about. But just as much as retirement brings with it anticipation for the future, it is also a wonderful time to reflect on the past and our years together. Donna, may the years ahead be happy ones. Know that you will be missed.

We are, and will always be, grateful for your years of hard work and friendship here. It has been a blessing to work with you these past 2 decades. Thank you for all those times you brought a smile to our faces. Thank you for always willing to extend a helping hand and the late nights.

The moments shared over the years like chats about genealogy, staff meetings, trips, dinners, celebrating a birthday or a wedding, Hallowe’en parties and dressing up,  Christmas gatherings, the births and deaths of many, these are the moments we will treasure the most having shared them with you, Donna. You have left an indelible mark.

Retirement will be a difficult time. Imagine no alarm clocks, no snowstorms to drive in, no staff meetings, no late nights, no computer software updates. How will you ever manage? They say life begins at age 40, but the truth is, it starts at retirement when you have the luxury to do the things you want to do. As you move on, remember all we have shared together. Don’t forget to keep in touch and know you will be remembered fondly by all, staff and patients alike.

As you embark upon this next path, you have our heartfelt best wishes. In the journey of life we meet people who are hard to forget. We are glad to have met you, Donna. Hope the path ahead always blesses you and finds you happy and healthy. Enjoy the freedom your achievement has earned. Happy retirement!

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