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February is Pet Dental Health Month

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

From time to time, our Lorne Park Dental patients ask us how to care for their pet's teeth. Although we may share a little laugh about it at the time, oral health for our pets is likely just as important as it is for humans.  During February's Pet Dental Health Month, remember that healthy mouths are associated with healthy bodies and likely this is true for our four-legged friends too.

Our dental hygienist Lori's dog, Molly allows daily brushing of her teeth and gums with a wet toothbrush.  She was conditioned as a pup and is quite used to the routine.  Just the mention of tooth brushing makes her lick her lips!  Chewy, tooth-cleaning dog treats are a huge hit with Molly too.  The benefits of caring for your pet's oral health and 'How To' tips are laid out in this comprehensive document from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Xylitol is a therapeutic sweetener that is becoming more common in dental and other products.  Although xylitol is beneficial to humans, it's important to know that it can be harmful to your pets.  For a list of approved oral health products for pets see here what the Veterinary Oral Health Council recommends.

Your furry friends will thank you for providing them with good oral care.  They'll have stronger teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, fewer digestive and other health issues and will live longer, more active lives.  You and your pets will be smiling, and not only during February's Pet Dental Health Month!

smiley tooth-Mississauga Dentist-Lorne Park DentalPlease note...at Lorne Park Dental  in Mississauga, we love animals but we only provide dental care to humans!  Your pet's veterinarian will provide their professional oral health advice and care.

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