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Lorne Park Dental is Having a Makeover!

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Lorne Park Dental is Having a Makeover!

25 years in practice is around the corner for Dr. Rosanna Fasciani and many of us at Lorne Park Dental Associates in Mississauga.  With that, we are excited to announce that our dental office makeover has begun! 

What to expect in our  Lorne Park Dental office in Mississauga:

You all deserve to receive quality dental treatment in a comfortable, modern facility with advanced technology.  The updating and upgrading of our dental treatment rooms will enhance our ability to provide you with the high level of excellence and care that we pride ourselves in.  Here is a sneak peak at the Lorne Park Dental Associates renovations.  Our dental hygienist, Jenny is thrilled with the results in her treatment room and is anxious to show you the next time you visit.

smiley tooth-Lorne Park Dental-Mississauga-Lakeshore DentistBe sure to stay tuned for more photos and to follow our Mississauga dental office makeover progress at Lorne Park Dental!

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