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Celebrating Dr. Fasciani's Special Birthday

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Celebrating Dr. Fasciani's Special Birthday At Lorne Park Dental in Mississauga, we know how important special birthdays are.  
Recently, we had a great time helping Dr. Fasciani celebrate hers!

To start the day at Lorne Park Dental:  Happy Birthday wishes for Dr. Fasciani, a gift & a 'birthday girl' ribbon to wear for the day.

Mississauga Dentist birthday - Dr. Rosanna Fasciani - Morning at Lorne Park Dental            

Next...Hooray for a favourite cake for Dr. Fasciani at lunch...Yum!         

Misissauga Dentist - Dr. Rosanna Fasciani blowing out birthday cake candles                     birthday cake     

In the evening, past and present Lorne Park Dental staff & family and friends enjoyed surprising Dr. Fasciani at a restaurant.  Here we are after a delicious dinner. 
Great smiles all around!

Mississauga Dentist - Dr. Rosanna Fasciani,  birthday party group photo

smiley tooth-Lorne Park Dental-Mississauga DentistOur very best wishes to Dr. Fasciani on her special birthday and for all the wonderful things that the future will surely bring.

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