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The Low Down on E-Cigarettes

Posted Sep 22nd, 2016 in Dental Tips

The Low Down on E-Cigarettes Since their release in 2007, the use of e-cigarettes has spread like wildfire with ‘Vape Shops’ popping up across the country.  Today, 2.5 million Canadians have either tried them or use the devices regularly.  Have you wondered what e-cigarettes are all about?  Our Lorne Park Dental team cares about your oral health and wants you to be informed.

What are E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are battery-powered devices that simulate the smoking of conventional cigarettes.

Each device is generally made up of 3 sections:
1.  A Battery: The power source
2.  A Cartridge: Contains water, flavouring, and sometimes, nicotine
3.  A Vaporizer: Heats up the contents of the cartridge to create an inhalable vapour

parts of an E-Cigarette

Are E-Cigarettes Legal?

  •  At the moment, only the sale of nicotine-free e-cigarettes are legal in Canada. See here for info. on the proposed Tobacco and Vaping  Products Act (Nov./16)

  •  In Ontario, e-cigarettes and vaping supplies can only be sold to individuals 19 years and older.

  •  Although in talks, Ontario has not yet adopted harsher regulations for smoking e-cigarettes. This means vaping is still legal in some places where regular smoking is not. e.g. enclosed spaces (unless specified by the individual institution).        

Are E-Cigarettes Less Harmful than Conventional Cigarettes?

tobacco types-oral cancer-Lorne Park Dental-MississaugaDentist

Although they are perceived as being a less harmful alternative to tobacco, the following ingredients have been found in some e-cigarettes: 

                          image of man vaping - Mississauga Dentist

  • Formaldehyde   

  • Carcinogenic compounds

  • Carbonyl compounds

  • Volatile organic compounds

  • Vapour containing heavy metals

Furthermore, as E-Cigarettes are still relatively new, the long-term effects from exposure to second-hand vapour remains unknown. Possible short-term effects, on the other hand, have included acute eye and respiratory irritation.

E-Cigarettes As An Aid to Quit Smoking?

Although some e-cigarettes have been marketed as a cessation aid to help quit smoking, these claims have not been supported by strong evidence.  As such, Health Canada does not yet recognize them as a tool to quit. If you are looking to quit smoking, we suggest you check out our previous post here for some helpful tips & resources:

Want to Stop Smoking?

We hope this post has helped to inform you a bit more on the subject of e-cigarettes!  

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