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Happy International Women's Day!

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Happy International Women's Day!

International Women's Day is when we reflect on the awesome women in our lives.  At Lorne Park Dental, we are an all female team.  We are proud of being an intelligent, capable and caring group of women that provide our patients with excellent care, each and every day!  Outside of the office we do so much too.  One of our dental hygienists, Jenny is a great example!

A University of Toronto graduate, Jenny is well respected for her dental hygiene skills, attention to detail, and desire to help our Lorne Park Dental patients improve their oral health.  We admire her athletic ability, healthy lifestyle and love of the outdoors.

Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny skiing double diamond    Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny skiing     Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny skiing in mountains

Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny rock climbing    Lorne Park Dental hygienist Jenny, rock climbing    Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny paddling

Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny outside    Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny snorkling    Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny camping

Jenny is a great Mom to a grown daughter, Kayly and son, Jay.  She must have passed the dental gene on to Kayly, who is also a dental hygienist.  Do you think Jenny's two granddaughters, Jayla and London will have dental careers in the future too?  They sure do have a lot of toothbrushes!

Jenny's granddaughter, Jayla    Jenny's granddaughter, London     

           Toothbrushing time for Jayla                                London learns to floss  

 Lorne Park Dental hygienist, Jenny's granddaughter's toothbrushes    Lorne Park Dental hygienist Jenny's granddaughters London and Jayla                                                                                                      

smiley toothJenny and the rest of our team of professional women look forward to seeing you the next time you visit our Lorne Park Dental office in Mississauga.   In the meantime...
 Happy International Women's Day

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