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World Oral Health Day - "Think Mouth, Think Health"

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World Oral Health Day -

A healthy mouth reflects a healthy body.  On this World Oral Health Day, our Lorne Park Dental team encourages you to "Think Mouth, Think Health".  We care about the whole person, not just the mouth!

Ways to improve the Healthy Mouth/Healthy Body Connection: 

  • Get Fit 
  • Eat Healthy
  • Drink Less Alcohol
  • Brush twice today 
  • Quit Smoking

"Your Mouth is like a mirror to your body.  It reflects your health and overall well-being"  

So true!  We love this worlddentalfed video:

smiley toothOur experienced and knowledgeable Lorne Park Dental team in Mississauga, is here to help.  Need a strategy to help you quit tobacco?  Wondering how gum disease and diabetes are related?  What's the best way for you to clean your teeth and to keep your smile bright?  What can you do about bad breath?  These are all great World Oral Health Day questions!  Visit us today for the answers and together we can "Think Mouth, Think Health"!

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