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Celebrating International Women's Day

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Celebrating International Women's Day

On this International Women’s Day we would like to celebrate one woman who plays a huge role in our lives here at Lorne Park Dental Associates.  Lori is a familiar face and smile to many of our patients. 
-A dedicated hygienist, she makes her patients’ dental and overall health her priority, all the while listening attentively and actively sharing in whatever is going on in their lives.

-A loyal friend, she makes the time to stay in touch by visiting and entertaining.  She never goes empty handed, bringing tasty samosas or thoughtful gifts.

-A good daughter, she is helpful to her aging in-laws, visiting them, driving them to appointments, providing home cooked meals and tending to their garden.

-A budding photographer, she captures images of birds and wildlife at Riverwood Park and then shares them with those who appreciate nature but can’t get to the outdoors.

-A computer whiz, she manages our Lorne Park Dental website, writes the blogs, makes posts on Facebook, and does a spectacular job.  We couldn’t manage without her!

-A champion of people’s accomplishments, she is always the first to celebrate their milestones and acknowledge their efforts.

-A leader who leads by example, she listens actively and identifies the strengths in each person, helping those with difficulties in a positive manner.

-A lifelong learner, she is always researching and reading, attending lectures, and staying up to date with current events.

-A lover of the outdoors, she relishes her time at her cottage on the lake where all is right with the world.

-A dedicated mother to her two sons, Thomas James and Joshua, always positive and encouraging, gifting them with roots and wings.

-A devoted wife to Greg who is regularly reminded that he’s a very lucky guy!

On this day, all the women at Lorne Park Dental Associates salute our colleague, Lori. We thank her for her many contributions, and we want her to know how truly honoured we are to have her as part of our team.







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