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A warm welcome to Deidra as Brittney's maternity leave begins

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A warm welcome to Deidra as Brittney's maternity leave begins

We feel fortunate to welcome Deidra to our front desk team as Brittney starts her maternity leave.  New beginnings are special and we wish both Deidra and Brittney all the very best!  

A celebration for the expectant Mom

Brittney-baby shower-Lorne Park Dental Associates        

  Brittney baby shower-Lorne Park Dental Associates -Mississauga  Brittney baby shower cupcakes-Lorne Park Dental Associates-Mississauga Dentist

Receptionists - Cindy, Brittney & Deidra

Cindy, Brittney, Deidra-Dental Receptionists-Lorne Park Dental Associates-Mississauga Dentist     

Welcome Deidra! 

Deidra-dental receptionist-Lorne Park Dental Associates-Mississauga

smiley tooth-Lorne Park Dental Associates-Mississauga-Lakeshore DentistOur Lorne Park Dental patients are already beginning to recognize Deidra's friendly voice on the phone and enjoy seeing her wonderful smile in-person.  Deidra, we’re so happy to have you with us!  Brittney, we are super excited for you and yours and can't wait to meet your new little guy.  Best to you both, ladies! 


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