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SDF - a tooth decay treatment option

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SDF - a tooth decay treatment option

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a non-invasive treatment option for some cavities that uses a liquid medicine that is painted on the tooth instead of a drill and fill approach.  Our Lorne Park Dental team is always looking for ways to improve how we do things in order to benefit our patients.  We're excited to be using this treatment in our office.

Now available in Canada, Silver Diamine Fluoride has been used as an agent to stop tooth decay and tooth sensitivity in Japan, China, Germany and other countries for many decades.


  • quick, easy, odourless, painless
  • relieves tooth sensitivity
  • remineralizes your natural tooth structure
  • is the only product available to stop decay in an already formed cavity
  • can be used on both permanent and primary teeth
  • prevents bacterial plaque biofilm from adhering to the tooth surface
  • prevents cavities
  • can help avoid or delay more invasive fillings or restorations
  • ideal for high risk, cavity-prone patients
  • ideal for root surface or difficult to treat cavities
  • can be used if all cavities cannot be treated in one appointment
  • beneficial to patients who require behavioural or medical management
  • no post-treatment limitations for the patient
  • stops 80% of cavities from growing when applied twice year


  • permanently stains cavities black
  • cavities (holes) that trap food may still require a restoration
  • not an option for deep cavities
  • 20% of cavities continue to grow
  • SDF is a treatment for cavities, not a cure

*Proper diet and oral hygiene, including daily between teeth care, are critical for long-term success

Advantage Arrest - SDF by Oral Science

SDF is made of:

25% silver:   helps kill bacteria

5% fluoride:  remineralization -helps teeth rebuild the materials they're made of

8% ammonia:  helps the solution remain concentrated by acting as a stabilizer

water:  provides a liquid base for the mixture

Oral Science - Advantage Arrest - Silver Diamine Fluoride 38%

How SDF is applied

  1. The affected area is dried.
  2. A small amount of SDF is applied to the affected area.
  3. The SDF is allowed to dry.

-a fluoride varnish may be applied over the SDF-treated area

-a tooth-coloured filling material or other dental restoration may be placed to mask the black colour of the SDF-treated area

SDF - before & after treatment

SDF before & after treatment - Dr. Jeanette MacLean

videos and photos above, courtesy of Dr. Jeanette MacLean - Affiliated Children's Dental Specialist - Glendale, Arizona

The New York Times - A Cavity Fighting Liquid Lets Kids Avoid Dentist's Drills

Effectiveness of silver diamine fluoride in caries prevention and arrest: a systematic literature review

Lorne Park Dental Associates - SDF Consent Form | Download

smiley tooth-Lorne Park Dental AssociatesSDF is a safe, painless alternative to traditional cavity drilling and filling procedures.  At Lorne Park Dental we're pleased to be able to offer SDF as a treatment option in some cases.  A thorough examination and cavity-check by our dentists will determine if it's right for you.

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