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Dentistry for all ages

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Dentistry for all ages

At Lorne Park Dental Associates we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive dentistry for the entire family. We regularly greet and treat patients from both ends of the age spectrum.  The patients we had in the other day are a perfect example.  

expectant moms Brittney & Kailey

Expectant moms, Brittney and Kailey posed for this pic. 

We wish them well and look forward to meeting our future Lorne Park Dental patients!

Dr. Rosanna Fasciani & Aries at Lorne Park Dental Associates in Mississauga

This fine young man, Aries told Dr. Fasciani that he loves coming to Lorne Park Dental.  

We love it when he comes too!  

Dr. Rosanna Fasciani & Mrs. LaBonte - Lorne Park Dental Associates - Mississauga

At age 99 1/2 years, Mrs. LaBonte showed off her beautiful smile.  

It is our pleasure to welcome all ages to our family of patients.  We provide general, cosmetic and preventive dental services in a warm, caring and modern environment.  Learn more about Lorne Park Dental Associates at www.lorneparkdental.com   Contact Us to tour the office and meet our team.  New patients of any age are always welcome! 

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