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Planning Your Perfect Smile

If you're dreaming of a perfect smile, the talented team at Lorne Park Dental can help you achieve it with our extensive repertoire of quality cosmetic dentistry services.

People choose to have cosmetic dental procedures for a variety of reasons.

Some people have generally healthy teeth, but wish to brighten and straighten them for a fresher, more brilliant appearance.

Others have dental problems and need to restore the function of their teeth for the sake of comfort and health.

Whatever your reasons for considering cosmetic dentistry, the Lorne Park Dental team will guide you through the process, and help you choose just the right procedure to make your smile both beautiful and healthy.

Improving your smile can be accomplished in numerous ways.

Often, the desired results can be achieved with very simple procedures. Here at Lorne Park Dental, we like to start conservatively, via techniques such as whitening or minor adjustments.

Only after these more conservative procedures have been taken into consideration or implemented, will we move on to more complex procedures. These include things such as veneers and crowns, and sometimes even dental surgery. 

Whether your teeth are chipped, broken, missing, discoloured, or crooked, you can feel confident that the Lorne Park Dental team will help you achieve a new smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy.


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